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Carmelita E. Clark


Carmelita E. Clark, author, has 20 years experience as an accomplished songwriter, publisher, poet, teacher and now author. She is the founder and CEO of Bullying: Halt The Behavior. She serves as an antibullying consultant and as the creator of the original one and only trademarked, copyrighted and patent pending, AntiBullyman/SuperHero/BradyBooker, AntiBullyDog and The Five Dastardly Bullies. Clark is a wife, mother and grandmother. Having faith in God and helping others are a very important component in her life.


I want to thank God for allowing the gift of songwriting, which has now turned into writing a series of children’s books. No one is more surprised than I! I pray that my first book will be a blessing for you and your children. All that is given, is always and forever for his glory!

I’d like to thank my illustrators, Jason Brooks and Anthony Parra, my goddaughter editor, Taylor Robins, my goddaughter, vocalist and co-writer, Mimi Nicole, composer, Eric Rankin, my son, audio engineer, Wade Clark Jr., and my literary agent, Stacey Long. I would also like to thank all who took time to read, “Kind Words” and who sent reviews. Your kind words were greatly appreciated! Lastly but certainly not least, I want to thank my beloved husband of 44 years, Wade Clark, Sr., who supports me in all that GOD allows me to do and to my children, Lovette and Wade Clark, Jr., and my handsome grandsons, Dantua and Lebron Hill. To each of you, I say “THANK YOU” for reading and purchasing this book. May your kindness continue to prevail!

Author: Carmelita E. Clark

Copyright: 11-18-2017

Joy N The Spirit Publishing Company

Illustrated by: Jason Brooks and Anthony Parra

No part of this book may be reproduced without 

written permission from Author.

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