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We believe children have so much to offer to the world. The power that they hold will mold future generations to come. 



We achieve success in teaching our youth important skills that they will be able to empower the next individual.



We have a number of educational programs and leadership initiatives that help nurture our youth to carry throughout their lives.

Kind Words Audiobook (Preview)

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Author/ CD. Songwriter: Carmelita E. Clark

Co-Writer/Vocalist: Mimi Nichole

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Kind Words Book

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According to, “Kindness is one of those things that is a learned behavior. The more we practice kindness the more we and others around us tend to practice the same behavior”.


"The book "Kind Words" is a joy inspiring, interactive read for children of all ages.

It encourages Kindness amongst children and is a great tool in the fight against

bullying". - Valarie Chamberlin- Singer, Songwriter, Actress

"We enjoyed the positive message in the book and how things rhymed. Our daughter started repeating the phrase, "Kind Words" on every page because it is used often which was great! Offering coloring pages is awesome for kids too!"- Nicole Primm

"I am so honored to review your book, "Kind Words". I love the art/illustration you've chosen. The colors are vibrant, the faces are diverse and the font is young and "cool". That alone would make me purchase your book. I love the simple but True message you convey in this book. The pictures provide the perfect visuals for young readers to get an idea of kindness. I would love to see more from your series! - Mrs. K

Today, more than ever, it is important for children to be taught to be KIND!!! "Kind Words" enables us to nurture kindness in kids. KIND WORDS is a valuable resource for parents, grandparents, caregivers, teachers, and other adults who care for and about children, to encourage respect and empathy. The illustrations and activities are fun, colorful and fully inclusive. Every child can see his or herself in the story as a WORLDWIDE AMBASSADOR OF KINDNESS. KIND WORDS pairs music and art in a way that is appealing to young children. It is never too early to start teaching kindness. KIND WORDS offers a great beginning. - Vicki Clark/Building the Capacity of Organizations/Memphis, TN.

Author/ CD. Songwriter: Carmelita E. Clark

Co-Writer/Vocalist: Mimi Nichole

Composer: Eric Rankin

Audio Engineer: Wade Clark Jr.

Copyright: 11-18-2017

Joy N The Spirit Publishing Company

Illustrated by: Jason Brooks and Anthony Parra

No part of this book may be reproduced without 

written permission from Author.

All Rights Reserved